INSPIRED JOURNEY - 6 Week Live Online Course

* Build deeper confidence in yourself and who you are at your core.

* Learn healthy coping skills to deal with emotions.

* Discover strategies to interrupt your mind and create new positive patterns.

* Eliminate self-doubt and replace with clarity of self.

* Come together with like-minded people in a safe space.

* Realize you're not alone in the way you think and the struggles you may face.

* Identify and break through what is holding you back and step into your possibilities.

* Receive ongoing support in the closed FB group.







“Being part of Journey’s Girl Talk call was so much fun! All of the girls were very accepting and authentic, and we connected on so many things! I learned very practical lessons from her and the other girls, and I use what I learned from the call almost every day. I looked forward to the calls every week! Thank you so much Journey!
Daniela Riddle

”Having my daughter Daniela be a part of the Girl Talk was such a great way for her to connect with exceptional girls from around the world! Journey is a great role model for the young girls that got to be apart of the Girl Talk! We love her so much and are grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the program!”
Dasnia Riddle

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Daniella Riddle (left) and Dasnia Riddle (right)

Daniella Riddle (left) and Dasnia Riddle (right)

We have had the great pleasure in getting to know Journey over the past couple of years. She is truly an incredible woman who has a huge passion for working with children and young adults. We have witnessed first hand how her gifted communication skills and intuitiveness has created a safe and magical environment for kids to connect, express and share their feelings. We highly recommend her program for any parents and children looking to expand their communities and grow themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. We are excited to see Journey’s vision evolve and the massive impact she will have on the world.